Partial List of Clients
A&E Television Network
American Museum of Natural History
Astronomy magazine
British Columbia Parks Division (Canada)
Byron Preiss Visual Publications
Canadian Museum of Nature
Carnegie Science Center
Civil Aviation Authority of Australia
Columbus Dispatch
Crazy Little Books, Ltd.
Danish Broadcast Corporation (Denmark)
Dell magazines
Der Spiegel magazine (Germany)
Discover magazine
Discovery Channel Online
Disney Adventures magazine
Dorling Kindersley
DreamWorks Productions
Earth Explore magazine
Encyclopedia Britannica
Fording Coal, Limited
Geographical magazine (UK)
Geological Survey of Norway
Georama magazine (Greece)
Grand Canyon Association
Guinness World Records, Ltd.
Harcourt Brace
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Hasbro/Milton Bradley
Herbig Verlag (Germany)
Jurassic Park Institute
Kunnskapsforlaget Encyclopedia (Norway)
LaPresse (Canada)
Marshall Cavendish
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia
National Geographic Channel
National Geographic magazine
National Geographic for Kids magazine
National Museum of Natural Science
North East Yorkshire Geology Trust (UK)
Odyssey magazine
Prehistoric Times magazine
Prentice Hall
Publications International
Quintet Publishing, Ltd. (UK)
Scholastic Inc.
Science magazine
Science News magazine
Sciences et Avenir magazine (France)
Sky and Telescope magazine
Smithsonian magazine
St. Martin's Press
The Planetary Society magazine
Time magazine
Time for Kids magazine
U.S. Department of the Interior
U.S. Geological Survey
World Book Encyclopedia
World Wildlife Fund (Netherlands)
York Wallcoverings

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