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Cryolophosaurus was one of the first of the carnosaurs. Its remains were discovered high on a mountain in the middle of the Antarctic continent. Early in the Jurassic period, Earth's climate was warmer than it is now and Antarctica had not yet drifted to its current location over the South Pole. Although the snow in this scene is speculative, aurorae may have been common due to Antarctica's high latitude in the Jurassic period.

Vital Statistics

Genus Name: Cryolophosaurus ("frozen crested lizard")
Type Species: * C. elliotti (Hammer & Hickerson, 1994)
Length: 20-26 feet (6-8 meters)
Weight: 1,100-1,200 pounds
Time: 196-190 million years ago (Early Jurassic)
Place: Antarctica
Diet: meat-eater (carnivore)

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