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Spinosaurus had a body like that of a lean tyrannosaur, a head like that of a titanic crocodile and a sail on its back like that of a mythical dragon! The teeth of this carnivore were also unusual. Unlike most other big meat-eaters, Spinosaurus had straight, conical teeth that indicate it dined mostly on fish! This healthy diet helped Spinosaurus become one of the longest known theropods in dinosaur history.

Vital Statistics

Genus Name: Spinosaurus ("spine lizard")
Type Species: * S. aegyptiacus (Stromer, 1915)
Length: 39-49 feet (12-15 meters)
Weight: 2-4 tons
Time: 110-98 million years ago (Middle Cretaceous)
Place: Egypt, Morocco
Diet: meat-eater (carnivore)

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